XTEND and Height Technologies partner to deliver SKYLORD

XTEND’s unique Human Centric Operating System allows for complete sensory awareness using the most advanced VR/AR/XR technologies; enabling battlefield dominance

XTEND, providing the most disruptive UAV platform available in the market, today announces that it has signed a representation agreement with Height Technologies. Under the agreement, Height Technologies becomes XTEND’s newest partner in the delivery XTEND’s full solution suite for the Defense and HLS markets, allowing operators to “teleport” themselves into a military-grade First Person View drone -AKA the SKYLORD product family: including US DoD deployed C-UAS hard kill solution HUNTER, special forces indoor ISR XTENDER and newly released Wolverine, a robust outdoors tactical platform. At its core, the SKYLORD platform is based on XTEND’s proprietary Drone Operating System (Drone OS, US Patent Pending Technology) which was designed to become the perfect micro tactical ISR system.

XTEND’s DRONE OS already supports four proprietary operational products, put to daily use by our valued customers around the globe.

Aviv Shapira, CEO at XTEND stated: “We are excited to have Height Technologies on board because of their track record in this industry and access to the market in Europe. Having an experienced full-service partner is key to us. I think we’re on the same page in terms of their dedication for the job and their focus on customer satisfaction which helps us expand our activities globally”.

“We are pleased to partner with Immerse to offer our customers across the Benelux and other customers across the globe access to XTEND’s disruptive drone technology” stated Ernst Thijsen, CEO at Height Technologies. He went on to say, “XTEND’s unique Human Centric Operating System allows for complete Sensory Awareness using the most advanced VR/AR/XR Technologies. This enables battlefield dominance with respect to both operator experience and mission planning, allowing anyone in the field to become an expert drone pilot within minutes, save lives, and contribute to the law enforcement activities. We are used to working with high-end UAV suppliers, but I have never been so surprised by the product but even more by the people behind this company. The expertise, enthusiasm, and professionalism are one of a kind.”

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